Thinking of Holland …

ice… I see wide rivers gliding slowly through infinite lowlands. This is a famous line of the poet Marsman, describing the big rivers that cut through Holland’s soul. At the moment they glide even slower than normal. For the first time since 1997 it is cold enough to freeze most of the nation’s lakes, canals and ponds. That means it is time for the Dutch favourite winter pastime: skating.

It is not my cup of time, as people familiar with me would probably have expected. But seeing others do it is fun after such a while. Especially when one of them is Joost. I hoped to shoot some genuine comedy-capers material but alas, we can add yet another thing to the endliss list that the guy masters …

Very sorry, ladies, but he is taken already!
And how about the Hof himself? I do where I am good at. Sing, sing, sing!



2 Reacties op “Thinking of Holland …

  1. Het is wel mooi hoor dat schaatsen. Ik heb ook een poging gewaagd. Schaatsen gekocht op marktplaats en gaaaan! Nou ja, er zit wel schot in 😉 zeg maar, min of meer….

  2. Voor nog meer filmpjes van onze schaatshelden uit Rotjeknor zie:

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