Impressions of Holland

Let’s be nice to my English readers. Pictures of my Holland trip last week.

houseThis was the house I owned in Rotterdam. It was massive: four stories, of which we rented out two. Although the house was a bit old and we didn’t maintain it that well, it was quite nice-looking. Especially from the inside. And it was convenient; so much space and at a good location.
We sold it early last year. I went to look what happened to it since, but it seems that it has been slightly renovated and nobody is living there now. Well, at least the climbing plant I planted six years ago seems to do well. Yeah, see my baby growing up!

beerEver wondered what beer looks like from inside? No? Well, Joost did and threw my camera into my beer. This is the result. From the inside, beer looks yellow. Just yellow. Fascinating …

WaiHan and me on ice. It seems like we’re having fun but it’s just our lips having been frozen into a smile. Man, was it cold. At some point it was minus seven degrees!frozen-smiles

churchOn my way to my grandparents, I passed the church where I have not wholly volitarily spent many hours listening to doom and gloom. I had a bit of mixed emotions when I saw that the church was closed and getting rather dilapidated. Smashed windows, barricaded doors, covered with weed … Well, it’s part of my childhood memories and has in a way contributed to who I am now, but I can’t help feeling smugly about the fact that I survived that damn thing. Hof vs church: 1-0.

anke-and-chrisAnke is going to kill me for posting this picture, but a monk in Thailand told me I will reincarnate as a stomach parasite so I will get her back. Anyway, the stud at her right is Chris, the legal alien who is taking the honors as Mr Anke. This picture was taken at New year’s eve in The Hague.

Last but not least: pater et mater familias Hoflandis. These people are my grandfather and grandmother at mother’s side. Believe it or not, but they’re both well in their eighties. That is quite amazing, huh? And healthy as fish, which is quite appropriate, given the fact they are from Scheveningen. How they met each other is opa-en-omaquite a beautiful story by the way. In WWII the town of Scheveningen was annexed by the Germans who used it for their sea defence against the English. All of the people were deported. My grandfather was put in a labour camp but escaped quite heroically and managed to hide out of sight until the war was over. He then returned to Scheveningen by train. Upon arrival at the platform, he saw my grandmother who was also returning home. He approached her and said  “You are going to be my wife for ever”. Apparently he didn’t lie: they have been married for over 60 years now, with 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. And still counting …


6 Reacties op “Impressions of Holland

  1. still counting? Pregnant with Hof Jr?

  2. wie is dat meisje met die rode muts?

  3. ik natuurlijk 🙂
    Mijn imitatie van een luciferkopje.

  4. OOOH, ben jij dat Wai! Moet toch echt snel weer terug naar NL komen. Over drie weken om deze tijd zit ik vast ergens in NL aan een lekker Nederlands tap biertje.

  5. Serieus? herkende je me niet?
    Had ik al verteld dat ik gister sjans had? soort van. en het gaat vooruit, deze man was iets van 45 ipv mijn normale bereik van 60+… 🙂

  6. nee, ik herkende je echt niet in eerste instantie.zie niet wat dat met sjans te maken heeft. maar leuk voor je!
    had je je mutsje op toen je sjans had, ofzo?

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