Boef and Hof do Natural History Museum

Boef has gone back to Singapore and I’ve done my homework for this week. Time to work on my sadly neglected blog.

natural-museumWe have visited a couple of museums this week. There is a handfull of top-class museums in London, all of which are free. Except for the big expositions, but the queues for those are so big that we didn’t try anyhow.
First off was the Natural History Museum. They have an incredibly extensive display of fossils, stuffed animals, minerals and all other interesting stuff on earth. And the building is extremely beautiful, although a bit crowded.
The biggest crowd-pleaser is the dinosaur exhibition, including a robot T-Rex at life-size scale. It is a bit dodgy but a good way to impress little children. I found the fossil of this smaller dinosaur more interesting, since it has fossilised prey in its stomach. Just think of what scientists were able to conclude from that …
fossilfoodEven more fascinating were the remains of a mystery species of dinosaur, of which just the claws have been preserved. And they alone were awesome. About 2 meters wide and equipped with four very sharp nails. The rest of he beast must have been incredibly fierce. Or maybe just a fluffy little bunny with a growth on his paws. Who knows.

transitionIn the light of the ongoing discussion on “transitional” fossils (a bit of a bullshit discussion since every fossil is a transitional one; strictly seen every living thing that ever existed was a transition, as are you and me), I was delighted to see that the museum displayed a few recent discoveries. Among which this freaky creature. Some mixture between an armadillo, a hedgehog and an aardvark.

I am not a big fan of minerals and stones, but I must say the collection in the NHM was impressive. For example they have a piece of meteor with a bit of dust that was formed during the explosion of a star a few billion years ago. Boef marbleand I were fascinated by the display which read: “Look very carefully. These tiny spects of dust are the oldest things you will ever see.”
Less imaginative but quite cute was this piece of unworked marble that features the imprint of a quite lifelike natural landscape. Clearly proof of intelligent design. I mean, what are the odds of a piece of stone evolving by mere chance to exactly resemble this particular landscape? 😉


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