Four days and counting down …

In four days the world will finally emerge from one of its darkest eras: the presidency of george w bush, easily the worst, dumbest, most dishonest and hypocrit leader of a democratic state ever. Not to say that things will go better immediately, there is a lot of work to do on the smoking ruins that the idiot has left behind. But at least we know that he will fuck off and never return. That alone warrants a much more positive outlook on the future.

Now I don’t know what’s worse. Hardcore bush fans denying that the asshole did such a bad job after all, either out of complete ignorance or utter dishonesty, or reporters claiming the same thing, under the false pretense of  what they consider to be a necessary balance in opinion. A particular wry example I found in the Daily Mail, presumably as good as conservative media get in the UK.  (Don’t get me started …)
The journalist in question tried to make the case that bush is not the stupid, illiterate person almost everybody holds him for. Under the heading “So did we misunderestimate him?”, being only the sixteenth article I saw this week with this very same title, she argues that he is not just less stupid then we think, no, he actually is highly intelligent. Her evidence for this bold claim? She started with the following anecdote.
While personally interviewing him on his private jet, she found him quite charming and complimented him for that. His reply was that he thought she was the nicest British person on board. When she replied “Of course, I am the only one here” he sniggered long and loud because he apparently got it. That was it. I am frickin serious here, that was the main argument. So this journalist thinks that any person capable of exchanging tired, old, childish routines and actually laugh at them must be highly intelligent. What the fuck, conservatives put the bar for genius very low these days.

Of course she had more arguments. The second was that “w” went to Harvard and Yale and had higher marks than, for example, Al Gore. Now we can of course debate whether getting higher marks is a direct proof of being more intelligent. Also we are talking about business courses here, hardly the most mind-challenging subject one can study. But that doesn’t matter. What the writer forgets is that Bush is a member of a very powerful dynasty, which in the USA makes it a lot easier to get to the right schools and get nice marks. Even if you are a complete alcoholic moron, as numerous records showed he was at the time. And unfortunately this is not confined to the USA alone. Willem Alexander anyone?

But it was the third argument that really did it for me. Our thruthful reporter claimed that it was not true that Bush rarely reads. In fact, so continued, he reads about 100 books a year. All of them historical biographies. And then shot herself in the foot by stating, just one paragraph further, that Bush is official dyslectic and therefore may strike people as a bit dumb.
So she wants us to believe that a dyslectic person reads one book in three days, even if this person has one of the busiest jobs on earth? Then either those must be very thin books or indeed he hasn’t done much presiding at all. Apart from that, note the historical biographies part. Supposed that is true, it is hardly a sign for being an intelligent reader. Biographies … one of the lowest and most useless forms of print. Does he ever read a book on economics, science, ethics or philosophy? Or just a good work of literature? Apparently not. Georgie goes to bed each night, takes a torchlight under the sheets and reads about the lives of Ceasar, Napoleon and general Grant. Secretly he dreams away about the day that books like this will be written about himself, the last in a line of truely great commanders. He hopes that these books will be printed in big letters and with hy-phens be-tween the syl-la-bles, so he will be a-ble to read them with-out the help of Lau-ra.

But anyway, it isn’t true of course. In the beginning of his presidency, Bush boasted that he rarely read. No newspapers, no scolar books and no fiction. It inspired a comic show to the hilarious line “I am elected to lead, not read!” (although that was about the Governator). However, when it became painfully clear that his policies were failing all over the line, he tried to repair that image by claiming that he is in fact an “ecelectic” reader. This interview says it all, really …


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  1. only 1 comment: Biography of Truman Capote is the exception.
    What a life, what a mind, what a gossiper!

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