Sex on canvas

In general I am a cultural lumberjack, and I cultivate that notion. However, I have one weak point. You may call it a passion too. I’m a big fan of Impressionism.

I know, I know, it’s a bit of a cliche. Everyone seems to like van Gogh, Seurat and Monet these days. But for a good reason. They are fantastic. Their paintings hit the right spot: perched between the masterful painting techniques of the old masters and the inventions of modernism. I could go on and rationalise it to death, but that would be the very antithesis of what impressionism is all about. Just look at the works and slowly let them absorb you. Personally I love that feeling; it’s a thing that I rarely get. And I had it twice these past few weeks. I’m a better man because of it.

Take these two works of art. They are both from Monet, from his water lilies series. The first I saw in the Tate Modern, with Bhuvanesh who emotionally broke down on  the spot when she saw it. It is simply called “Water Lilies”.


Sorry, couldn’t find a picture without men holding it. But men, these patches of purple. Genius!

The other one was in the National Gallery, which is one of the most impressive galleries I have ever seen. Happy happy joy joy when I entered the Monet room. Several of my favourite paintings brought together. One of my all time favourites, “Water Lilies Japanese Bridge” will not be given proper rights by displaying a picture of it here. Eelco, however, proved that it takes just an Iphone and a keen eye to capture the “Water Lily Pond”. He is very proud to have this picture as his background, and with good reason. Here it is. Fucking hell, what a painting. Soul-shattering … Sex on canvas!



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  1. Prachtige foto! Wie heeft die genomen:-)

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