Romantic, is it not?

Specially for my South-East Asian readers (all three of them), and in particular the ones that haven’t seen snow yet (two), here are some pictures of London this morning. Cherng rak, mai chai tee rak?


Apparently the snowfall is so bad that all trains and busses have been suspended. The atmosphore on the streets is a bit weird. It felt like a zombie movie in wintertime. In general the streets are completely deserted, with no people, cars or any other traffic. snow-in-streetBut at the larger crossroads there are congregrations of people, aimlessly and quietly wandering around. I walked around for an hour this morning, scavenging for a bus, taxi or train, anything that could bring me to work. All to no avial. Somewhere at 9:30 you saw the zombies on the streets realising the same thing. A snowball-orgy was it’s logical conclusion. Time for the Hof to go home and sit by the fire. Look, how pretty now is my once so creepy garden:



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  1. Waar is de Sneeuwpop?

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