Dit is hem dan!

Micah Leendert Hofland

Geboren donderdag 3 december 06:31 in London. Onder de rook van de Big Ben.

Hier de trotse moeder en dito vader.


5 Reacties op “Dit is hem dan!

  1. Awww, he looks absolutely divine! And so do you, Hoffie. Looks to me like fatherhood will suit you beautifully. Kesaya is glowing. Oh, I wish I was there with you all. You’re in my thoughts and love you all. To bits. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. WOOOWIE!!!!
    he’s lovely! very wise, cute, manly and strong. Adorable! Wishing you all the luck together!
    Caspar and Anke.
    Leon, your hand looks huge!
    Kes, hope you’re feeling fine.

  3. Leendert! Je bent traditionele dan ik dacht. Bravo Vader Leon!

  4. Mooie gast zeg!! (beautifull chap, say!)
    Moving pictures!!
    We (Peter, Janet, Madelief, Tess en Ruben) say a warm hello to our fresh nephew Mika and dito (exept from the nephew part) parents!
    A job well done, Kesaya!!!

  5. o sorry , i see it’s spelled Micah. Even nicer!!!

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