Miin liin tennis machine

Specially for the non-Dutchies reading this blog, here’s a translation of the last post. And now stop complaining about our beautiful language!

Because the novelty of Micah has worn off by now, we decided to get ourselves a new gadget. Produce some new offspring already is a bit far-fetched even by our standards, so the choice fell on a brand new Wii.
That is some awesome toy! Very nicely done by these Nintendo chaps. Here you can see our virtual aliases, which you call Miis in Wii speak. From left to right: Hof Himself, Mrs Hof and little Miicah. Indeed, they are not as ravishing as the flesh-and-blood Hofs, but hey why bother. As long as they play their tennis well.

Kes proved to be a real natural talent on the court. Soon she was hitting the balls all over the place and she managed to beat our nerdy opponents Ben and Hakim. Look at her graceful battering, even the Fed Express could learn something from that! We shall invite him over to our home for a free tennis clinic. He will appreciate that, I’m sure. He could start winning trophies, you know.


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  1. That was a very good read. Minus-Babelfish was most pleasant! Andrew said you made Micah look like Damien 😦 He’s meant to be a cute 2-month old baby! XxX

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