Hof Jr gets a present

“Oh Micah, look who sent you a present! It’s from that nice auntie Bhuvanesh! Wow, a beach guard vest! That is really, really cool, don’t you think?

“Well, mummy and daddy are glad you like it. Now, before you go off cruising at the playground, what do you say to auntie Bhuvanesh?”

“Oh Micah, that same auntie Bhuvanesh has also complained that this blog is always in Dutch and that she wants us to cater for her language as well. Can you do that for her please?”

“No no little darling. That is mummy’s language, auntie Bhuv cannot understand that. Come on, you know what to say …”

“Arghhhh! Honey, did you hear that? We have to get out of here as soon as possible! I don’t want my son to speak that way! Well, Micah, one more try: what do you say to Bhuvanesh?”

” Oh my God! You have been hanging out with those Phillipino maids too often! Auntie Bhuvanesh is not from the Phillipines Micah. She is from Singapore, you know that! So what do you say?”

“No no no! Micah how can you say that? You know auntie Bhuvanesh don’t speak that way. Is she yellow? Here, this is what she looks like:”

“MICAH! Mummy and daddy are very disappointed in you! Do you think that all black people speak like they do in Dark Africa? What, are you some kind of racist now?”

“Okay okay sorry little man, we are just trying our best with you. Now, last chance. Auntie Bhuvanesh lives in Australia, so what do you say to her?”

“Excellent! That is our boy! Now go to the slider and practice your life-saving skills on those Dubai habibi!”


4 Reacties op “Hof Jr gets a present

  1. Mooi cartoonwerk Leon. Maar alle credits gaan natuurlijk naar de fotogenieke Micah!

  2. Hofster! You’ve done very well! Thank you for making me laugh out loud from the other (not-so-fine!) continent. But bastard, you better stop taking racist strikes at me through humour! I can read between the not-so-discreet lines. Asshole! I can’t believe something so cute and lovely (Micah) came out of you!

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